We have got our hands on all the top secret details of the new… yet to be announced… short sale programs major lenders will be rolling out in 2013.

Our exclusive bank insider contacts have shared information with us that will simply blow you away. When I heard about what all the big banks have up their sleeves..I was stunned.

Turns out the banks have been working behind the scenes to radically improve the short sale process. That’s right…IMPROVE the short sale process! Everything you think you know about short sales is about to change.

How big of a deal are these changes going to be for you?

Consider this, one of our insiders at Bank of America leaked to us that they expect short sales to out pace foreclosures in 2013!

……..A few insider secrets for you:

  • Banks are contacting owners who have missed only 2 payments and are offering them “No-fault, cash at closing” short sales.
  • NO hardship required short sales..YES, you read that right..NO HARDSHIPS REQUIRED.
  • NO deficiency judgments. Zilch, none…short sale today…no worries about a judgment tomorrow.
  • Massive cash payments at closings to owners who do a short sale. One program about to go national will pay owners up to $20,000 to do a short sale.
  • New Fast Track Short Sale programs that will get your short sale to close in less than 60 days.

Let me be clear about this next point.

The details of the these new short sale programs have not been made public. To learn about what is happening next for short sales and how this impacts the sale of your home, give us a call today!

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