imagesThe BIGGEST issue we face when qualifying buyers in the Home Buying Consultation is the CREDIT SCORE. Most buyers have not looked at their credit score, taking the “What I don’t know won’t hurt me approach”. In todays HOT home-buying market buyers have to be prepared to move immediately when a home they love hits the market and the first step to making that move is knowing your credit score.

There is a tool that’s FREE and available to you ( via TransUnion to check your credit score. It will not harm your credit to use and view your score. It will give you your credit rating based on a few simple questions. We have used it for ourselves at and are happy with the simplicity, security and results of the website. We even went as far to trick the security system to see what would happen. To our delight, the security protocols kicked-in prompting us to call their office which was a breeze. The Customer Service Representative was professional, courteous and a delight to chat with.


Click here to go to and get your FREE, secure credit score certificate today….. it’s SanDiegoRealEstateVeteran approved!!


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