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El Niño is Coming, El Niño is Coming

www.SanDiegoRealEstateVeterans.comThe forecast for this winter seems to bring with it a prediction for a new El Niño. With that in mind here are a few tips to prepare for the anticipated downpours.

  • Clean out your rain gutters and downspouts. Clean all of them before it rains, then check and clean them after the first rain. Leaves and debris from your roof may have accumulated in rain gutters after the rain. Make sure your rain gutters aren’t damaged.
  • Fix any leaks before it starts to rain. Check your roof for any trouble areas.
  • Invest in an emergency generator. Think about a portable generator or permanent standby generator that comes on automatically when the power goes out.
  • Check any decks and balconies. Make sure water flows away from your walls and foundation.

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  • If your crawl space or garage could be flooded, think of installing a sump pump. El Niño rains can cause water to gather where you normally don’t find it.
  • Have an arborist check your trees. Trees may look fine, but can be weak. Wet branches weigh more and they can break.
  • If you live on a hill or below a hill, talk to your neighbors. Drainage from your yard may cause water to damage your neighbor’s house. Your neighbor’s drainage may flood your home.
  • Store your outdoor patio furniture or securely cover it. Put your potted plants in a covered area. Too much water and rain can damage them.
  • Know where your sprinkler controller is located. Learn how to turn off your automatic sprinklers. You may not need to water for weeks or months.
  • Talk to your insurance agent about purchasing flood insurance. Even though you may not live in a flood area, flood insurance may protect you from mud and water damage losses. Flood damages are not usually covered by homeowner’s insurance.

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  • Plan what you’ll do if water starts to infiltrate your home. Have sandbags, plywood, on hand to divert water away from your home.
  • Check the lights in your car, headlights, brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers.
  • Replace your windshield wipers. You don’t need wait until it’s raining to realize you should have changed the wipers.
  • Have your mechanic check your car’s tires. Check for tread wear and proper inflation. Both can be the cause of serious accidents in the rain.
  • Talking about cars, how old is your car battery? Ask your mechanic to check the battery. It may be better to replace it before it fails in the rain

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you.


Real Estate Search App For San Diego CA

By: J.R. Thrasher of San Diego Real Estate Veterans Lic# 01888955

Text KW2NXCXMK to 87778  and install the App NOW!

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Get the most accurate and up-to-date real estate information right at your fingertips! Download the Keller Williams Realty Real Estate Search app for San Diego CA to your mobile device for great features like: customized searches, map draw, agent connection, and shareability!

You will need to enter the code KW2NXCXMK to activate the App.

San Diego Home Search Mobile App
San Diego Home Search Mobile App

QR code San Diego Home Search Mobile App
QR code San Diego Home Search Mobile App

San Diego Home Seach App Google Play
San Diego Home Seach App Google Play

To connect with me, enter code KW2NXCXMK when you install the KW app. – See more at:

Because Your Home Search Should Go Where You Do!

Get the most accurate real estate information right at your fingertips:

  • Easily connect with me and send property inquiries instantly.
  • Give your index finger a workout by drawing a perimeter or dropping a pinpoint on a dynamic map.
  • Customize searches and localize points of interest
  • See a home you like?  Scroll through vivid photos, add it to your favorites, or share the listing with a friend.
  • Estimate your home loan with a free mortgage calculator.
San Diego Home Search App Screen Views
San Diego Home Search App Screen Views

Download the Keller Williams Realty Real Estate Search app for San Diego CA

Finding Foreclosures

I get asked about unbelievably great deals all of the time when people are searching for foreclosures. I thought I would post a little explanation of how the process works and how someone can position themselves to pick up a really great deal.

Be careful as to what “Foreclosure Type” you are using in your search criteria. Most websites are kind of bad on how they display properties in the foreclosure process. Homes listed under “Notice of Default” are not for sale. The current owner is at least three months late on their payments and the bank has started the foreclosure process, which can be stopped at any time by the homeowner getting current on their payments. There is nothing wrong with having your Realtor track down the homeowner and asking them if they want to sell. It’s a great way to get a good deal.

Click HERE for a list of foreclosed homes that are currently for sale.

Regarding homes listed under “Auction” the homeowner is considerably behind in payments and the bank has an auction date scheduled, these homes are not available for showing. The auction is the actual moment of foreclosure. Properties scheduled for “Auction” must be purchased on the court-house steps for cash at the appointed time. Email or call me and I’ll look up the auction date, location and registration criteria for any home that you are interested in buying at “Auction”

For information on homes scheduled for “Auction” click HERE. Be sure to include as much information about the home you are interested in.

Homes listed as “Bank Owned” went through the auction on the court-house steps and no one put in a bid. This is most often the case as banks usually do not sell homes on the courthouse steps for less than what is owed on them. This is where my website shines. If you find a bank owned home that has not come on the market yet you can watch the property and pounce when the time is right. It may take some time for a home to come on the market once the bank takes possession. It is good to have a Realtor set up an alert for the specific address you are interested in so you can take a look at the property the day it comes on the market.

To see Bank Owned Homes that are for sale click HERE.

Foreclosures can be a good deal if you have an agent that knows what they are doing. Tracking a home from notice of default through the auction and bank owned statuses takes the right tools that only a few real estate agents have. If you are interested in a home that is in Notice of default it is a good idea to contact a Realtor (like me) with the right tools and have them contact the home owner before the bank gets its hands on the home.

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You can Text KW2NXCXMK to 87778 
Enter the same code when prompted once you install the app on your mobile device.

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